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Meet Jim Hilman

Jim Hilman, owner and operator of Hilman’s Plumbing, is a Master Journeyman Plumber with over thirty years of extensive and varied experience in the plumbing industry. Growing up on a ranch in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada, Jim was blessed to be raised with a heritage that instilled a strong and honest work ethic, an appreciation for quality work, and an uncompromising commitment to serving his fellow-man, which have become hallmarks of his life.


His commitment to being an expert in his field is backed by extensive and ongoing education. He holds credentials as a Journeyman Plumber, Gasfitter, Steamfitter and Pipefitter in addition to being a Power Engineer. He also seeks to maintain his cutting edge expertise through regular advanced training courses related to various aspects of the industry, holding numerous certifications in order to provide his customers with the best and most current products, information and service.

Jim has spent many years honing his expertise as a master plumber, gaining the respect of clients, competitors and industry experts. He previously served as a manager for a very successful plumbing company out of state for 20 years, where his broad experience encompassed all aspects of residential and commercial plumbing, from small residential service jobs to project management of large commercial projects including schools, shopping centers, and hospitals.


His interest in radiant heating led him to become a recognized expert in the field, designing and installing hundreds of efficient, properly functioning systems, and his experience was sought in establishing the industry standards and code for radiant systems in Alberta as a member of the Alberta Hydronic Heating Council. He maintains the confidence and respect of industry leaders and professionals who consult with and routinely refer him.


His knowledge and experience in servicing and installing tankless water heaters has led to his recognition as a Platinum Rated Service Provider. In choosing Hilman's Plumbing, you can confidently trust that you will receive accurate and current advice and properly installed systems which can save you money, time and the unnecessary headaches of improper installation or repair.


Our motto and goal is "Done Right...the First Time!"

Jim Hilman - Casual Portrait.jpg

Jim Hilman - Master Plumber 

License # 833967 - Bonded and Insured

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