Value vs Price

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Ultimately, hiring the "cheapest" plumber is often one of the most expensive and inconvenient ways to approach plumbing, since the dissatisfaction and frustration of inferior quality and the cost of fixing or replacing improper plumbing will usually offset any initially perceived "savings". Many people, who in good faith have hired "cheap" tradesmen, have come to deeply regret making the very costly mistake of failing to factor in other critical criteria such as training, certification and expertise, use of code-compliant materials, reputation for efficient quality workmanship, licensing, insurance and bonding. Nightmarish stories abound and if you don't have a story of your own in this regard, you probably know someone who does! A wise consumer knows that you usually get what you pay for and the "cheapest" price often indicates areas of compromise that may not be apparent until it is too late. A trustworthy professional plumbing contractor who seeks to provide lasting value for their customers will invest considerable time and resources into providing excellent service though proper certification and ongoing education, carrying insurance and bonding, and maintaining an inventory of quality code-compliant products to serve their customers' needs promptly. They will be there to back up their work with a satisfaction guarantee. Those who compromise in these areas may have a lower cost of doing business and offer "cheaper" prices but their customers will usually end up paying for these "savings" the hard way.


Over the years we have encountered countless situations where Hilman's Plumbing has been called in to fix plumbing that was improperly installed or repaired and, sadly, the customer has been left holding the bag when the "plumber" who did the work failed to make any effort to remedy the situation or simply didn't have the knowledge and training to know how to fix the problem. For example, Hilman's Plumbing is routinely is called upon to fix installations of tankless water heaters that were installed by plumbers without proper training and certification who probably thought they knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, most of the systems were either never properly sized or vented, calibrated for the proper altitude or set up to deal effectively with water hardness issues, and it was only a question of how long it would take for the system to fail. The apparent "good deal" the customer got on the initial installation doesn't mean much when the system fails at an inopportune time and the warranty is invalidated due to an uncertified installer or improper installation. The cost of having the work done initially by a properly certified and experienced installer would have been much cheaper!


You don't want to find yourself picking up the tab for someone else's learning curve! It has been heartbreaking to see many good people taken advantage of this way. The best way to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation is to hire a trusted professional plumber, like Hilman's Plumbing, with the proper training and credentials for the work to be done, backed by a guarantee and liability insurance. It is perfectly reasonable for you to ask to see proof of licensing, bonding, insurance and credentials related to the work you are looking to have done, as well as references for clients who have had similar work done. A qualified professional will be more than happy to provide them. They've paid the price to legitimately do so!


At Hilman's Plumbing, our goal is to provide the best value possible to our customers. Do we offer the lowest price? Often we do, but not always. Our commitment is to be consistently fair and very competitive, but we do not aim to compete with those who compromise to cut costs and forfeit your protection by forgoing licensing, insurance or certification, or by using inferior or non-code-compliant products or minimally-trained employees to perform service. We have built an extremely loyal customer base due to the fact that our customers can trust us to provide the best possible service, with all work done by a Master Journeyman Plumber and backed by a guarantee, at an extremely fair price. Many do not even ask the price anymore...they know we have a track record they can trust and we don't take their trust lightly. Those shoppers who tend to make decisions based on price alone may find someone willing to give them a cheaper price, but not likely a better value.


Jim Hilman has spent decades honing his expertise as a master craftsman in the plumbing trade, with extensive specialized training and an uncompromising commitment to quality, service and great value. Treating others as he would like to be treated is his guiding principle. He is extensively referred by industry experts and satisfied customers alike, evidenced by an ‘A’ rating and elite Super Service Award on ‘Angie’s List’, as well as favorable reviews on Yelp and other sites.


Everyone likes to feel they’re getting a great deal when spending their hard-earned dollar but a low price alone is one of the most unreliable indicators of truly great value, which can only be obtained when a good price is coupled with genuine quality and a satisfying result. More often than not, anything that is "cheapest" is not the best value in the long run. How excited are you about the satisfaction provided by the cheapest cars, homes, clothing, dining, electronics, tools, jewelry, etc.? Investing in quality usually provides a much more satisfying and genuine value overall.